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Original Art Work

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Product Information

- Resin
- Unframed
- Ready to hang
- High flow acrylics and opaque acrylics
- High gloss varnish and mixed media

Size or Dimensions

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76cm (W) x 60cm (H)

Revelation and Inspiration

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Imperfections are proof that I've conquered some of the darkest and difficult moments in my life. It's the story of redemption, restoration and evidence of God's grace. I choose to celebrate those triumphant moments and the harvest of fruits that comes with the aftermath later. 
This acrylic resin piece I created 'Sσαɾ AႦσʋҽ' is inspired by my journey on how to rise above it all .

Special Instructions

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1. Hang the artwork in a place where there is adequate light, but not too much light (caution: keep your art piece away from direct sunlight). Be careful as prolonged exposure to UV light will cause most types of paint to fade over time.  
2. To clean the surface, use a soft cotton cloth. Wipe the dust of in circular motion. DO NOT use any other chemicals or solvents on the painting. Do not scrub or apply pressure whilst cleaning. Dust your painting(s) regularly to avoid dust build ups.
3. Keep paintings out of areas where spills or accidents are likely to occur.